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The exclusive producer of paper pleated blinds in central and east Europe would like to present you adhesive paper blinds marked by PAPL logo.

Let us introduce our company and our products.

Our company was founded in 1997 and since then has successfully operated on the Czech market.

In 2012, we started our own production of paper pleated blinds.

Based on expert research, we created sizes suitable for all standart or non standart windows and french windows 100x200cm too.

We put an emphasis on selection of colors. Now we are offering PAPL blinds in three colors: white, grey and brown. We are preparing to extend our offer with other color variants.

The used materials for blinds come from traditional Czech producers. So we can ensure high functionality and quality of our products. Due to the price, our products are affordable for all costumers. Our blinds are good practical solution for your living.

The main advantages are:

    • Czech product,
      The materials come from Czech producers,
      Suitable for all standard or non standard windows and French windows too,
      Easy installation without damage window frames,
      Stickers leave no traces after removing,
      It can be glued directly on the window glass,
      Easy adjustment latitude and longitude,